Is It Safe To Use Tadalafil Medicine?

Nowadays, many of us are using Tadalafil medicine that becomes easy to remove the discomfort of erectile dysfunction. The medicine is used to reduce the risk of penis muscles pain and helps a man to keep a strong erection. It is merely possible with the flow of blood that reaches to body parts and relaxes the muscles. The impotence and symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy enable to exercise with satisfaction. There will be no any denying the fact that Tadalafil is foremost safe to use and can pay strong effect on sexual problems. It is a sign of recovery from erectile dysfunction.

If you want some more information about drug and willing to buy, then you must go with link and get proper information it. They are the service provider that will provide you with a safe quality product with the opportunity to offer cheaper drugs. You can place the order online and can easily get the delivery with online payment. Secondly, doctors are always available for you to treat with such a problem with the help of a prescribed amount of dosage.

Things to know

Following are some points that will show you the importance of Tadalafil medicine for ED.

  • Safe consumption: It includes tablets and capsules which come in 10mg and 20mg that is much easy to consume with water or food. You can make concern with specialist doctors and ask them the criteria of dosage so that you can ensure a safe recovery. Due to their ingredients, it can strong pay effect on sexual parts and provide functioning to the penis effectively.
  • Treat male sexual problem: Tadalafil is much concerned because it is a dose to treat erectile dysfunction and provide relaxation to penis muscles. With due help of blood circulation, it erects the muscles, and a man can get the easiest way to perform their sexual activities. You should always eat healthy food with vitamins and protein along with Tadalafil and make the treatment safe.
  • Increase capacity level: It will increase the capacity level of men and women at the time of intercourse and exercising with sexual parts. Always ensure that Tadalafil is excellent drugs that will start the functioning of the penis quickly that can lead to high full satisfaction level.

These above mentioned points are clearly showing that Tadalafil is much safe to and are able to provide the best ingredients to get instant recovery. Always go with the above link and get a chance to buy safe medicine.

Information about Modafinil 200 MG

Stimulate you intelligence with Modafinil

Modafinil facilitates on the internal nervous scheme to do this it can also stimulate universal intelligence activity at the synaptic terminal, which are now unspoken to be serious in the process of how the brain learns. Modafinil supplies to this course by promoting the expulsion of mono amines, norepinephrine, catecholamines, and dopamine opening from the synaptic valves.

Medicines, like Modafinil, can toil by just taming the input of oxygen to the cranium and so rousing the increase of nerves, which is most freely gained by raising the release of neuro chemicals to the brains. Successively this improves the heave of oxygen by equalizing the capability of the enzymes and hormone’s activity at the neurotransmitter level.

Modafinil- An unrehearsed method

Modafinil has been used in an unrehearsed method for a long time but now students are looking for a safe stimulant to help them with their learning; it is just quite in current times that study has started to keep Modafinil to the foremost position as an orderly drug. The exact statement for a smart or orderly drug is a nootropic, which is a drug to ease or improve the cognitive progression and memory.

Bounded by the chain of smart drugs known as nootropics there are subsidiary group and Modafinil belongs to the group recognized as Eugeroics, which mainly refers to the focal reason for rising Modafinil in the first place that is by enhancing agitation in its consumer by encouraging the mean nervous management. Modafinil was at earlier planned to be a stimulant to care for conditions like narcolepsy, disruptive slumber apnea and hang work resting disorder.

Its side effects and contraindications

The stimulants like amphetamines are well-known to be harmful in many ways for instance leading to psychosis and reliance. Modafinil was designed to help out people to hang about if that would be so then that captain property of it can be used, such as, by students to also serve to make them smart.

If you are one of persons eager to stay alert and show yourself more bright then you can buy Modafinil from us. It is secure to buy from this juncture. We all identify that there is not nothing new in society taking stimulants to wait to struggle and help them with their lessons. You can dissipate longer stage of instance running and paying attention on a task or revise for test for extended time.

The entire treatment can facilitate to extend your grade and make you well turned-out. Modafinil score further than other stimulants similar to amphetamines as it wholly raises the stage of hypothalamic histamines. Which is why, it is not as addictive as others. Modafinil reins our thought of fatigue, as triggered by our rank of histaminergic cells. In this material the Modafinil is trustily being used as a debonair remedy, but the reality that you can stay up for unlimited periods of time at the similar time you take it, with no injurious side effects.

Ingredients Of Penis Enlargement Pills – Major Ones

All individuals want to live a perfect and happily married life. For it, the individuals are required to check out different types of things such as – sexual life. Some males are trying to get a bigger penis for all these things.

In case you are also searching for such a kind of products then you should consider When it comes to choose the best penis enlargement pills, then you need to be focused on the ingredients. Now I’m going to mention some important ingredients that you should check in all products.

  • Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a kind of antioxidant which can help you in several ways. Mainly it is a fruit with some anti-inflammatory properties. The availability of this particular ingredient can help individuals in facing different types of issues such as – cancer, prostate and so on.

  • L-Methionine

L-Methionine is a form of Amino Acid. Mainly it is found in the food and dairy products. This particular ingredient is highly useful in preventing the chances of premature ejaculation.

  • Cordyceps

It is a kind of fungus that has cordycepic and deoxyadenosine. When these elements are interacting as the aphrodisiac, then it is useful in making the sex drive better than before.

  • Zinc

Availability of the zinc is useful in making the pills more useful for the men. It is helpful in increasing the level of testosterone and some other important elements. With all these things are erection time is also getting improved. The main reason behind it is the increase in the microelements due to the zinc.

  • Niacin

It is also considered as the vitamin B3. The availability of this particular component is useful in improving mitigates fatigue and the flow of blood. All these things are useful in increasing the level of energy in the men.

  • L-Arginine HCL

The ingredient is added for dealing with the nitric oxide production. The importance of this particular ingredient is related to the enhancement of tool and improving the sperm count. In case the individuals are facing issues regarding higher blood pressure then they can get more benefits of it. L-Arginine HCL is helpful in balancing the blood pressure with ease.


All these details can help you in getting that which kind of ingredients is generally available in the penis enhancement pills. With it, you can say that these ingredients are making the pills completely natural.

Best Male Enhancement Pill

The tale that women are interested in love is a myth. Despite giving a lot of genuine verbal love and spending your money, women spend only a few minutes in your bed and flee away. There is a way to lock them in. All natural male enhancement pills are the magnet you need to keep them in your yard. You will never miss an opportunity to please any woman between the sheets.

The use of natural ingredients shields you from harmful side effects. It also ensures that you enjoy the comprehensive benefits of stamina, increased size and maximum pleasure. Natural ingredients also boost the alertness of your greatest sex organ which is the brain. Your body does not get used to the natural ingredients. The feeling is as exciting and powerful the first time you use the pill as a year later.

Sexual enjoyment is not all about the size. Maximum enjoyment comes with longer elections and increased body stamina. This will give you a sexual fest throughout your honeymoon, holiday, night or weekend. Natural male enhancement pills give you the longest erection to prolong pleasure.

MALE EXTRA– this has been rated among the most efficient and fast acting pills. It is risk free giving you a longer, larger and stronger erection within minutes. Its natural ingredients gives you control over the erection and ensure that your ejaculation is pronounced. It will give you power to last you the night. This will turn on your woman ensuring that you two have the most wonderful sexual experience every time you come into contact, read more on

PERFORMER5– this is a pill that brings extreme sensation during ejaculation. It comes in a combination of 12 ingredients that raise your testosterone levels and boost your sperm production during ejaculation several folds. Its formulation has undergone scientific, historical and clinical tests before approval for use. This is a guarantee that you will get the performance to keep your woman with you forever.

MAXIMIZER PLUS– this is as a result of breakthrough herbal research. It is formulated to boost your endurance and enlarge your penis. Its intake guarantees a longer sexual encounter that will leave your woman satisfied. It increases the size of your penis leaving a lasting impression on the woman. It acts on the brain ensuring that more blood flows into your penis. This will make the erection more powerful and larger.

EROFORTE– a healthy body is part of top sexual performance. This is the idea behind EroForte. As the best male enhancement pill, it ensures that there is healthy blood flow in the body during sexual contact. It guards against nutrient deficiency ensuring that the body is ready for a prolonged sexual encounter. It increases your energy, reduce fatigue and boost energy production. This is the condition you need to please any woman. It offers natural protection against premature ejaculation.

The use of natural male enhancement methods ensures that you have a sensational and mind blowing sexual experience.

The body never grows resistant to natural ingredients which enhances your long term encounter. Natural ingredients guarantee a satisfying sexual encounter.

Key Facts Related To The Sergey Sholom’s Gamecredits Developments

Gamecredits CEO Sergey Sholom makes different types of decisions related to the company and the specific currency. Mainly GameCredits is a cryptocurrency which makes lots of things easier in the game industry. With all these factors, the way of currency is becoming beneficial to various individuals such as –

  • Gamers
  • Game developers
  • Game distributors and marketers

All three types of individuals can get lots of benefits by choosing the way of this particular kind of funds. Some individuals are trying to know what makes it beneficial for game developers. In case you are wandering with a similar question then upcoming details can help a lot.

  • High processing speeds

While developing and publishing a game, the developers need to be focused on different types of elements. With it, they are required to make various types of transactions. Sometimes, the transactions are taking lots of time by which the individuals start facing several issues.

Considering the way of GameCredits is providing an efficient and high speed source. It can assist the users in several ways by which they can make lots of things completely easier.

  • Fraud protection

The majority of transactions are made by users on the basis of online sources. When it comes to the online transaction, then the threat of cyber attacks is so high. Here, everyone is trying to find out the source which can help the individuals in getting proper protection from the frauds.

The way of GameCredits is associated with several benefits. The issues free transaction is one of these benefits. It depends on the users that with which kind of sources they are dealing. The company is providing highly advanced protection from the frauds with various benefits.

  • Lower commissions

When anyone is choosing the way of third party applications for making payments, then he/she needs to pay an amount of money as commission. Generally, the commission rates of these types of sources are so high.

In case you are accessing the services of GameCredits platform, then you need to pay commission at lower rates. Due to it, you can easily maximize the profit and decrease the cost. The basic commission rate of this particular platform is 10% only.

These factors are making the source highly beneficial or useful for the game developers. The individuals those have any kind of doubts related to the services or any factor they can consider online or official sources.

Is Kamagra a Successful Medicine?

There are thousands of people in this world who are not able to satisfy their partner only because of the erectile dysfunction. If you are one of them, then you should take the tablet of Kamagra in order to treat the erectile dysfunction. People those have an issue of high blood pressure they trust the Kamagra Perth. However, it doesn’t mean they suggest other to take it because Kamagra has side effects more than its benefits. Therefore, if you are planning to make this tablet, then you should first consult with the doctor and then decide to make it.

Is it legal to take Kamagra?

Well, in some nations the Kamagra is not legal. Basically, in these kinds of countries, it sold illegally. You cannot buy the table of Kamagra legally unless a doctor has written this table in your prescription. Once the local pharmacy checks out the name of the Kamagra into your medicine then he will give you. In addition to this, there are lots of things which people should understand before using the Kamagra because it can be quite risky to take these tablets without prescriptions. You should take only prescribed pills that could best better match to your health condition and symptoms as well.

Kamagra jelly

If we talk about the Kamagra jelly, then it would be the best option for the people who are facing sexual problems and their sexual relationship is not happy. If you do not prefer to use the gel, then you can easily trust the Kamagra pills that can be really helpful for you. Instead of this, the price of the Kamagra is meager at the online store. Even the taste of these pills is very great, so you can take it comfortably. Also, you don’t need to feel that nasty taste of medicines that we generally get. For more information, you can read the reviews on different online sources.

Patients enjoy taking Kamagra

Patients those are receiving the Kamagra then they will feel lucky because of its fantastic effectiveness. If you are comparing the Kamagra and Viagra, then the Kamagra is quite useful. It will show its outcomes within 5 minutes. On the other hand, the Viagra may take a quite a long time. Therefore, you should choose only the option of the Kamagra because it is the most effective product that can make your sex life better.

Why choose D BAL steroids?

There are many questions in the individual’s mind related to the steroids. The individuals want to know the uses of the steroids, and they want to get the complete information of the effects also. Some people want to make their career in the bodybuilding, so they do the hard work or regular exercises with the gym. If you are a skinny person, then take the best kind of steroids to make the body. The body demands the perfect routine and better diet that you should give time to time. The work of the steroids is easy to understand that connects with the hormones directly. Most of the sports persons or athletes take the D BAL steroids because they need extra stamina and power in their body. A person should t

  • Know about the effects of D BAL

If you take D BAL steroid, then it will work on your hormone system and build the body by controlling the system.  Some people face the side effects of fake supplements so they should not use them and go with  to know that which one steroid is good for you to take with the exercises. With the exercises, they also take the steroids also. With the D BAL steroid is a good option to have, and you can make your better physical health.  People want to know about D BAL steroids because they have no information of these that how to use take them. It is beneficial to take the medication with the right kind of food and proteins. So, we have talked about some of the effects of taking the steroids.

  • Some advantages of taking D BAL

The D BAL has a lot of benefits, and you can take their benefit with the help of taking them. There are many kinds of steroids, and they are used for various purposes and uses. According to the situation, there are many kinds of steroids. The steroids are also used for, and you can easily make a perfect body. If you are suffering from the lower kind of the muscles, then it is essential to make the body with the help of D BAL steroids. If you take the steroids, then it is easy to do the workout without any issue. After taking the D BAL, it is easy to do the workout with more power and stamina.


How Watching Porn Movies Can Pay Impact On Children?

Giving too much time in watching porn can surely pay effect on individual behavior. Similarly, if you are fond of porn time, you might be sure for the period and time table to watch. You should avoid it on a regular basis so that it makes your life and health safe. In case, your children get affected from porn then you can take consult with doctors and psychiatrist and get in on the perfect solution.

There is a website will fulfill your desires in accordance with latest and trending videos with effective quality material. If you are a teenager or below 18, then you should avoid watching such videos as it may show a negative result for you and your health. It is likely to say that porn is better to buy to misuse can make you ineffective.

How its impact?

If you are watching porn videos in an excessive way, then make sure it will impact badly. Hence, there are some points that show how porn can be responsible for paying some effects on children.

  • Addiction: Watching videos could make possible to being addicted to it. Porn will help to get you excited with the way of watching impressive videos and become a fantasy to it. You would like to enjoy videos but always make sure about your habit and how you are getting concern with it.
  • Lack of hormones level: With the releasing of sperms after doing masturbate, it can weaken the body with hormones as one cant able to perform their routine task. Tiredness is being attached with body substances that will be a sign of unhealthy. Especially children get some difficulty in it.
  • Become aggressive: That will also a negative impact on children with the change of behavior and attitude. Whenever they don’t get internet facility and get disturbance from other while watching porn, they become aggressive due to porn addiction.
  • Enhance some knowledge: Somehow, watching porn can surely help to gain knowledge about the way of sex and working of every body part. It will make them easy in their future so that there could be safe intercourse.

It will be the foremost responsibility of parents that they should take care of their children with the way of using electronic gadgets. The strictness will be helpful to make their habits better as it will never impact on them badly.

What To Consider While Buy Soma Online?

Soma medicine helps to treat severe muscles and body pain. It occurs due to heavy work out and other issues. Mostly people feel discomfort with a high density of pain which unable to perform their regular task. Soma helps to increase the blood flow that can attract to body muscles and provide effective relaxation. It is also a part of physical therapy. Without any doubt, you should buy soma online and increase the chance of safe recovery.

If you are looking to buy soma medicine through the online portal, then it is must to check out the delivery date, medicine ingredients with the foremost approval from doctors. Many online suppliers are available to provide you with genuine medicine at reasonable rates. You should always be aware of the fraud sellers and check the registration and experience of them. It will be better for your treatment programme.

What to look?

While buying soma medicine through various online things that every individual should be known of it. However, there are some points that will show your responsibility clearly.

  • Feedback: Always ensure that experience people feedback will play an integral role to show you the effectiveness of the drug. However, it is an important role to check the reviews and rating from online websites so that there could be any chance of risks. Similarly, the website will also tell you the way of consumption and the things that should be avoided during medication.
  • Doctor’s advice: There will be no any doubt that doctors are the one who has enough experience to guide you in every possible manner to buy the best medical product. While looking at some medicine then it will be essential to purchase according to health and age wise. Sometimes, if we treat painful gesture of the body, it may react badly due to overdose. That’s why; you should get a proper check up and lead to effective results.
  • Durability: Here, durability refers to the period of consumption. To know the expiry and manufacture date always make you ware to the safe consumption. You can check from an online website with their official photographs and experts advice.

If you follow all these above mentioned points, then make sure there will be no any chance of risk during purchasing of soma medicine. You should buy soma online so that doctors will recommend you the suitable dosage.


What Are The Benefits Of Watching Porn?

Mostly people suffer from huge mental panic and stress. They all want to feel entertain and can relax their mind. It seems that watching porn can play an important role as the best source to lighten up the mood with the feeling of sexual arousal. Today, many websites are showing naked videos and picture and lots of exciting stuff with no doubt, people love to watch their favorite porn stars doing sexual intercourse.

The attraction towards porn with the help of the internet can be responsible for addiction also. Nowadays, especially kids are being attached to their mobiles and friend circle. They are used to watch intimate scenes and enjoying with their sexual body parts. If you are also looking to watch better quality stuff, then you should check the YML PORN website and enjoy with the latest videos. You can find various categories, and you can choose according to your interest. Here, in this article, we have posted various benefits of watching porn videos and magazines so that it could be easy to feel happy and joy.

Benefits to be noted

There are lots of benefits that everyone should be known about it. It will be easy to improve your mood and feel relaxed all the time.

  • Sex love: Watching porn videos and read related magazines might be responsible for making you a sex lover. Somehow, people are getting engaged with so that they can feel special for their partner. The way to perform effective and safe sex can make their relationship stronger and get them close each other.
  • Swing your mood: People feel romantic and remain happy after watching porn. It is all because of watching intimate scenes, and naked human can erect their sexual body parts. The lightening up of mood is a sign of releasing stress and tension from the mind.
  • Sexual satisfaction: If you are willing to watch porn movies then make sure it will satisfy your sexual needs. It will make possible to human being in performing sexual activities and release ejaculation to feel sensation. That’s why many of us love to watch porn videos.

That somehow becomes important to watch porn and feel relaxed with your good mood. You can go with online websites and watch videos of your favorite porn stars.

Semenax Price directly from source to get best discounts

It makes sense to purchase Semenax directly from the suppliers as you can avail of the best discounts that they have on offer. You are also ensuring you get the right price and quality. Albion Medical in North America is offering good packages right now and these discounts may be for a limited period only. Semenax supplements are 100% natural and contain a perfect blend of herbal and chemical micronutrients to enhance the volume of semen ejaculated after a stormy session of lovemaking. This mind blowing sexual vigor and harder erection is guaranteed when you climb onto the Semenax wagon.

When you purchase Semenax on, you are assured of a quality product. The highly professional health experts at Albion Medical have put the product through certified GMP labs and the positive results enable them to make this product available to all at discounted prices. It is interesting to note that quite a few women are hooked onto their men stocking up on Semenax supplements. The packages are discreetly shipped to your doorstep, if you order online, with plain packaging. They also guarantee a 60-day trial offer with money returned if you are not satisfied with their product.


Cheap Semenax Price


The various packages offered when you purchase Semenax are the Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver. The price of one bottle of 30 supplements is $59.95. This week they have a special bonus offer when you buy four, five or six bottles. Check out how much you can save when you opt for any of the above packages. There is a saving of $10/- to $70/- when you buy up to 6 months supply under the different packages. The Diamond package with 1 year supply offers 5 free bonuses where you can save as much as $320/


Their website is informative and interesting. Read the testimonials and check out the ingredients. Consult your sexologist of medical doctor if you have any qualms. You do not need a prescription for the product. Side effects if any, have not been reported. It is therefore safe to assume that you can increase your sexual exploits and be able to perform like a stud. As a volume enhancements product, you cannot go wrong when you purchase Semenax supplements.

Essential Things Related To Porn

For accessing the porn, the interested ones need to consider the way of specific sources such as – FAP TITANS. It can help you in accessing the quality content without any kind of issues. On the internet, you can find several other options those are offering such a kind of services. Now the question appears how to find the best one.

Before finalizing the decision, you need to make sure that which kind of services you need to avail. Mainly there are two types of service providers such as – free and paid. The way of offering services and content type is completely different here.

Paid sources

Some porn service providers are charging a huge amount of money for providing the quality content. Generally, they are trying to charge extra money for quality and concept of the videos. Some addicted ones are paying a huge amount for all these things. If we talk about the money charged by these types of sources, then they do not tag each and every video with a price.

Mainly they are considering the way of lots of other factors such as – subscription or membership plans. Here, the interested ones need to pay money when it comes to create an account for the registration process.

Free sources

On the internet, porn lovers can see different types of options when it comes to get content. Some sources are offering services for free. Everyone is trying to avail these types of services. When it comes to access the free services, then the individuals have lots of options. The options are also appearing in the form of types of porn sources available.

Some sources are providing services with the help of web-based mediums. Some sources are designed by considering applications as the mediums. It depends on the individuals that in which they are getting interested. The way of FAP TITANS is becoming useful is availing all these types of services without any kind of issue. For it, you need to access its official source only.

Final expression

Both types of sources are becoming useful in accessing different types of content. Some quality sources are charging lots of money for all these things. Mainly they are considering its way due to the content’s visual quality and some other factors such as – story of videos or concepts. All these things are creating lots of changes in the choice of individuals.

Unmotivated Daughter Blame It On

Almost every parent has felt that their daughter isn’t doing “enough.” “She should have more motivation!” parents tell me. However, what most parents don’t understand is that their teen daughter’s brain isn’t mature. If your daughter seems too much like a “slacker,” blame it on her Nucleus Accumbens, a part of the limbic system of the brain. It is thought to play a role in reward, laughter, pleasure, addiction and fear.  

Scientists discovered through brain scans of teens, that this area of the brain is less developed than in adult brains. That means that teens usually are more prone to engage in activities that are highly exciting, or don’t demand a great deal of effort, or both.  Sound familiar?

What do you do?

Patience and love.

Be patient for your daughter to grow up and moreover, allow  her brain  to grow up. Love her while she is doing all the growing up.

Never yell at her. Don’t put her down for the way she feels. Don’t make her ”wrong.”  Don’t nag! Those things will hinder her brain growth.
Do work on discovering what she needs emotionally and providing it for her. Build a relationship with her that is built on her being able to trust you.

I know the teen years can be frustrating for parents. But, they can also be years of joy and fulfillment watching your daughter unfold and become a wonderful woman!

Money Talks Sex Takes a Walk

Word on the street is that mothers are talking to daughters about money more than they are  talking about the birds and the bees (or cultural challenges). Seems the tanked economy is front and center in most people’s minds. Mother’s know all to well, the real issues their daughters will face  concerning money when they are adults.

Women and children are the fastest growing population of  the homeless. Poverty still affects more women than men. Men still earn more money than women. Divorced women lose income, husbands usually recover and go on to make more money. Those are reasons  enough that moms need to talk to their daughter’s about money.

Money is energy. It flows in and out of our lives. Money is power. Most men know that. But your teen daughter reads magazines, watches movies and music videos and listens to lyrics that teach her that “sexy” is her ultimate power. What are we teaching our sons that makes them want to be the CEO of a corporation and our daughters want to be Miss USA? I know that’s a broad stroke, but you get my point.

As more mom’s become money savvy, more daughters will get the right message. Start teaching your daughter about earning, saving and investing. Talk with her about her feelings about money. Does she understand it’s value? Is she afaid of it? Most parents know the value of the “birds and the bees” talk. Now, it’s vital to have “the money” talk. It’s never to early to start teaching your daughter about earning and investing.

I recently heard from some amazing experts about teens and money. When goes live in a few days, I’ll have links to them for you.

For now, ask your daughter how she feels about money. In fact, ask yourself how you feel about money. Grab your journal and add a new entry. Write down the first time you can remember having your own money, what you spent it on and who taught you about money? What’s your relationship with money? Chances are whatever it is, you’ll pass that down to your daughter, for better or for worse.

Want a creative way to save money? Check out one of my favorite websites for stoking up the imagination. If you surf over to it, check out BioColor while you are there, one of the most amazing PLAY tools for teens. (email me for all the secrets about it!)

More coming from money experts.  Stay tuned.

Teens and Money

Your story is wanted for my new book

“The Advice Collection for Parents:

77 Tips About Money, Life and Succes

How do you teach your children about money, life and success in an age appropriate way? What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

Read sample stories or submit one of your own at

Together we can change a generation, one story at a time. Please tell other parents about the site!

Tip 1

More work equals more money.

When I was a teenager, my step dad put a chart on the wall. On it he had broken down all the household chores and attached a dollar value to each one. Whoever did the chore, put their initials by it and at the end of the week he tallied up our “payday.” My youngest sister, for the first time in her life, discovered the joy of housework and the joy of earning her own money. She regularly out-performed her two older sisters and always got the biggest payday.  Submitted by Toni Graybill

It’s your money. It’s your future. TAKE CHARGE!

Martin Hurlburt is a speaker, author and financial advisor. He is writing a new book to help parents teach their kids important lessons about money, life and success. To read sample stories or submit one of your own, visit The best submission will win $150! Together, we can change a generation, one story at a time. Please tell other parents about the site!

Tip 2

The Clothing Budget

Age 12 for girls is a magical age.  It’s the age when they discover “The Mall.”  This was especially challenging in my house. My husband and I were married in the spring of 2007.  We have a blended family of three girls ages 11, 12, and 13.   We have noticed that all three girls want to spend all of their extra time at “The Mall,” which must seem like heaven to them.  I remember being mesmerized by the vastness of the shopping mall in southern California when I was 12.

When school released for the summer in late May, 2007, our oldest daughter came to me and asked me when I was taking her summer clothes shopping at the mall?  She insisted that this activity needed to happen immediately because her best friend’s mother had just bought her over $300 worth of summer clothes.  My daughter desperately indicated to me that she had no shorts to wear.

I went to my husband with this dilemma.    What should we do as a newly married couple with three girls frequently asking for new clothes each season?   After discussing the problem at length, we decided to go to Wal-Mart and price what it would take to clothe a teenage daughter for an entire year, including shoes, socks, undergarments, coats, etc.   A year’s worth of clothing added up to almost $600.   This figure seemed reasonable and logical.  So, we came up with the plan:  The Clothing Budget. 

Beginning June 1 and December 26, each person in our family is allocated $300 to spend on clothes, shoes, coats, etc.   Therefore, in a given year, each person, including parents, have $600 to spend on clothes.  Each time clothes are purchased the receipt is recorded in an excel spreadsheet to keep track of who spent clothing budget money, which store, and the amount.  Each month family members are alerted to how much they have spent so far and how much is remaining.    As an incentive to budget soundly, if someone does not spend all of their money by November 1 or May 1 (one month before the period ends), that person receives the remaining balance in cash.   

Basic rules include:

  • Parents have the right to veto any purchase they deem extravagant.
  • Purchases can be made at any store or on the internet so long as the budget does not exceed $300 for each 6-month period.
  • If a child runs out of clothing budget money before the end of the period and needs clothes, then the parents will take control of the child’s clothing budget for the next period and all purchases will be made at Wal-Mart.
  • Jewelry, hats, purses, and accessories are not part of the clothing budget.  Those purchases must be made from the child’s personal money.


  • Children have control of their clothing budget money and experience first-hand how purchases quickly add-up.
  • Children learn to budget the monies allocated to them.
  • Family members shop year-round, not just at the beginning of season, school year, birthday, or Christmas.
  • Incentives are given to spend wisely.    Any excess monies are given to the family member in cash 1-month before the period ends.
  • Parents must adhere to the same program as the children.  Children perceive that all family members are treated equally.
  • Encourages wise spending of finite resources.

Amazingly, our oldest daughter never did buy herself any shorts or summer clothes the first summer we started “The Clothing Budget.”  Our children now shop wisely, purchase items on sale, have more clothes than they need, and always have fun every time they go to the mall.  Two years later, 2009, the clothing budget is a big success in our family; no one wants it changed.  Best of all, there is no quarreling about new clothes — when to buy them and how much to spend. Submitted by Carey Sue White

The Teen Kitten KillerHow to Talk About It

Facebook friends have been linking to a news report about a 17 year old girl who tossed her ex rommie’s kitten in the oven then took off so she didn’t have to listen to its cries as it burned to death. It’s a gut wrenching story to read. I admit, I reached for the tissue box more than once.

 That’s the problem. News stories can deelpy affect us and often we have no outlet for our emotions. With gory stories, pictures and videos a Google search or RSS feed away, Mom’s need to be prepared to help their daughter’s deal with the stress these stories and images produce.

For those of you brave enough to read what your daughter may have already read about the teen kitten killer,  go here:
If you don’t want to read about it, I don’t blame you. But, remember, your daughter may have read it.

Here are things to do to help your daughter deal with traumatic news:

1. First you have to know she’s read or witnessed something disturbing. This means you need to keep the doors of communication open. If you don’t have a close relationship with your daughter, chances are she’ll pass on telling you things that are affecting her.  Start learning today, how to build a close, loving relationship. Need help? I’m preparing a free report ready July 4rth. Details in future posts.

2. Be Non-judgemental and supportive. Talk to your daughter about what’s going on in her world and her friend’s world. Don’t ever react with negative put downs, or judgements about her or her friends. Listen with an open heart and mind.  Thank your daughter for trusting you enough to share with you her thoughts and feelings. Never tell your daughter “You shouldn’t feel that way.” Everyone has a right to their own feelings.

3. Google top news stories or check a Twitter feed from time to time. Let her know that “If it Bleeds it Leads” is the common rule of thumb for reporting. As horrifying as the teen kitten killer story is, there are hundreds more stories of teens rescuing animals, and doing good in the world. It’s easy for a teen to feel overwhelmed and think the world is only a negative place. Find out if she is saturated with only bad news.

4. Share your reactions to bad news but keep in mind your teen isn’t fully grown up yet. Keep your thoughts on a level that she understands and can cope with. Use traumatic stories like the kitten killer story to have a discussion about what makes people do horrible things, how people can forgive, etc.  A few girls asked me how the teen involved in the story could have done what she did. They were honest questions that need honest answers.

5. Be prepared for your daughter to express a variety of feelings that may change over the course of time. We all process events in our own way, and on our own timeline. Never tell your daughter her process or feelings are wrong. If she is showing unusual signs of grief or trauma, call a counselor.

6. Watch for copy cat actions. I hope that other teen girls don’t toss a kitten into an oven. But copy catting happens. We know when teens read about suicide, or know someone who has committed suicide, they are more apt to try it themselves. Ask if your daughter feels she could ever do what she read or saw, especially if the news is about suicide.  Or, if she is old enough to think this question through,  ask how she might avoid having the feelings that would lead to horrific actions. That’s an amazing conversation starter that can take the two of you on quite a journey if you are willing.

As always, stay informed and involved with your daughter. Know that our teens are bombarded by information we have no control over. Be there for your daughter in every way you can be.

What Are You Focused On

Recently, I had the opportunity to walk the beach at Ponte Vedra, Florida, to look for fossils hidden among the broken shells and debris. It has been years since I last “fossiled.” However, I remembered what size, shape and color to look for, and soon, I was focused on the fossils, not on the shells and the million other things strewn on the beach. It was easy to find the treasure I searched for.

How about you? Is it easy to see the treasure in your teen daughter? Or are you focusing on the debris, and the broken things? I hope you are focusing on the treasure, and giving your daughter credit for the good things she is doing. Whenever someone in my group found a great fossil, we celebrated with a “high five.” It felt great that other’s shared in our small victory. Are you sharing in your daughter’s victories? What has she done lately that deserved a “high five?”

We mom’s know that to raise a daughter, we need to teach them about life. But we often forget that teaching is far more than simply pointing out what our daughters are doing “wrong.” Yet many moms focus only on the negative. They forget to point out and celebrate the good.

Try this. Ask someone to sit next to you, and point their finger at you and say, “No!” Have them say “no” over and over. Sounds silly, I know. But if you try it, you’ll find something interesting happens in your body. People report that their stomachs churn, their hearts palpitate, or some other uncomfortable feeling arises. Most likely we feel yucky because we are remembering shame, guilt, or some other negative emotion from our childhood. That memory is a neural connection that is alive and well in your brain’s neural network. Every time you focus on the negative, you are shaping your daughter’s brain in ways that may not always be positive.

“But Dr. Jenn, my daughter snuck out of the house at 2 A.M. last night! I have to punish her! I have to focus on her trouble making behavior!” Well, yes and no. Remember, what you focus on is what you get. Just like I focused on fossils, so I found fossils. If you focus on your daughter’s good behavior, and reward her for that, she’ll most likely do more of it. If you deny your daughter positive attention, she will do whatever she can to get any attention at all from you, even if it means climbing out of her window in the middle of the night. The attention you give her when she sneaks out is still attention, even if its negative attention. That’s not to say that if you lavish positive attention on your daughter she won’t ever sneak out or do something you don’t approve of. She’s still a teenager, after all. But focusing on what you want in terms of her behavior, and not making too big of a fuss over the other things, can pay off for both of you.

Every day, find three things you can point out to your daughter that she did well, or right, or made you proud, etc. Give her a “high five” for each of those things. Let her know you are “catching her being good,” and not just “catching her being bad.” Think about what you focus on. I hope you focus on your daughters treasures, because they are there! Keep searching for them until you find them, and then celebrate with her.

The fossils I found were millions of years old. As I put each one away in the bag I carried, I thought of how short our time is here on earth. Start today, to focus on your daughter’s good stuff. Don’t let her memories of her teen years be just about all the fights you had, or all the times you scolded her, or punished her. Make sure she knows she is treasured.

Healing the Overworked Under-loved Mother

I focused my work on teen girls, but soon realized it was impossible to help them without helping their mothers communicate/parent better. But most mothers simply wanted their daughter to be “fixed.” Moms were too busy to do the work they needed to do in order to be fully present and available for their daughters. The say they feel overworked and under-loved.  Many moms showed interest in a workshop I was planning to show moms how to begin their own emotional/spiritual  healing.

That workshop is still out on the horizon as I heal my body and brain from a medication a doctor put me on a long time ago, and caused damage. However, in the meantime, while I recover I will share with you things you can do at home to help yourself  heal on a deep level.

I love winter. When I lived in Basalt Colorado for a few years, the first snowfall always made me stop and watch, and anticipate the coming cold. Winter was a time of stillness. Quiet. Solitude. That is what you need to begin your journey towards healing. You need time to go inward, to listen to your self on a level that may frighten or disturb you at first. But it is in the stillness and quiet you will find your answers. You will find your truths that have been hidden or locked away, perhaps for years.

One of the best books about stillness, quiet and self-listening is Anne DeLeclaire’s, Listening Below the Noise. She writes about a spiritual journey of taking every other Monday as a day of silence. What she hears in the silence, is herself. The lessons she learns are enormous.

Healing does not take place over night. Especially in today’s world where we are plugged in to technology, connecting via cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, texts, etc. We are tethered to communication but we have become un-tethered from each other and ourselves. Our constant need to be busy, to fill in every minute of every day doing something, as simply being, keeps us further away from our wholeness.

Most of us feel we don’t have enough time in the day, but what are we actually doing with our time? Are we appreciating our lives? The people we love? Feeling the sun warm our skin, the breeze caress our face? Or are we pushing our way through the hours, constantly focused on “what has to be done in the future?” All the while listening to our internal chatter berate us for not being “enough?”


Take one hour, or better, one full day, and devote to silence. Do not speak to anyone. Do not answer your phone. Do not text your friend. Do not check your Facebook, or tweets. Just be. Take a walk. Garden. Sit out on your front porch. Notice how your attention shifts when you know you may not speak. You will be more aware of what you are doing.  More aware of what you are feeling.  Allow your thoughts and feelings to bubble up. They do not have to be changed nor fixed. Just sit with them.

Mothers can not pass down to their daughters what they do not have. Mother’s can not teach their daughters how to be strong and resilient in life, unless they can model the tools needed to learn one’s inner truths. To learn them, one must be quiet. Still. Listening for truths buried deep within.


Make the time to listen to your inner self. Take the time to be silent. Write on a small card, “I am taking a day to be silent.” and show it to anyone who demands you speak.

The way to get out of feeling over worked, and under-loved, is to carve out the silence needed for you to hear your truths, and the quiet unfolding of the courage to live them.

Jump Rope Term Reduces Teen Sexual Complications

 In the Double Dutch jump roping game, a jumper must negotiate between two ropes turned from opposite directions. It is a complicated game, one that required focus and a honed sense of timing. The game evolved by Dutch settlers some 400 years ago when they made their home on the Hudson River in the New York Area. By the 1970’s Double Dutch was so popular, competitions were held in New York. Double Dutch jump roping songs became popular as well. Now Double Dutch is a varsity sport on some colleges.

So, how does a jump rope term help reduce teen sexual complications like pregnancy,abortions and STDs and create more respectful relationships for our teen girls?

If we teach our teens the concept of Double Dutch as the people in the Netherlands use the expression, our teens would be in a lot better shape. There the term Double Dutch means that you do not just “hook up” with someone, as is common here in the United States, but rather you wait to have sex until you know each other and have a foundation of mutual respect and trust for each other. You are both in the relationship on equal footing.  On top of that, when you do have sex, you use two forms of birth control, usually The Pill and a condom. Both participants must use protection, hence the term “Double Dutch.” The Netherlands enjoys the lowest rates of teen pregnancy, teen birth, abortion and STDs. (Respectful sex is a concept I touch on in my newest book. “Laid or Loved? The Secrets Guys Wish You Knew About Being a Dream Girl Instead of a Just-In-His-Jeans Girl.)

Instead of simply watching nimble children and young adults jump over two swinging ropes, let’s teach the phrase Double Dutch to our preteens and teens to help them avoid the tangles of the tricky teen years. We can use the Netherlands model as a way to help our teens learn they can work in tandem with each other in respectful, successful ways, without being tripped up by pregnancy, STDs and all the other drama/trauma that tags along with simply “hooking up.

For more information please read Susie Wilson’s article by clicking here.

I know the topic of teen sexuality is sometimes scary for parents. But the fact is, our teens are sexual beings, and they are acting out on natures way of keeping the population growing. Life longs for more life! We need to help educate our teens about safe, respectful sex. Even if you are hoping your precious daughter walks down the aisle  a virgin, the reality may be different than what you hope for. Ignoring the new cultural trends here in the United States around sexual behavior won’t make the behavior change. We must arm ourselves as parents with education, listening skills, role modeling skills, humor, patience and a true desire to be of service to our teens and help them.

Enough said!